Exo-humanitarian activities

IIMSAM’s ambassador-at-large rami el attar contributes with concrete deeds in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic by the distribution of 2000 masks locally in Dubai to various individuals from various sectors of civil society to help combat covid19 according to the world health organization.

IIMSAM’S “Pro Bono,” Hon. Ambassador-At-Large H.E. Rami El-Attar in a noble initiative to support the efforts in the battle against COVID19. He has provided an In-Kind Donation of 2000+masks, including the famous N95 – 700 boxes of Gloves – 1000 sanitizers, to individuals from various sectors of civil society and entities. The distribution of these masks and other items will be ongoing on a periodic basis as an embedded effort to tackle COVID19 with the support of the Ambassador as well as others who may want to support this initiative. Everyone is welcome to volunteer to help on the distribution or as an in-kind contributor either way a handful of volunteers will be needed to assist the Ambassador at the point of distribution. Anyone interested can contact the Ambassador through IIMSAM website contact.    

Comments by Amb. El Attar for the IIMSAM Newsletter:  “The distribution of these imperative masks, sanitizers and other items to civil society, humanitarian entities and others will be an ongoing initiative as an embedded campaign under the heading “Together.”  As we must stand together against COVID19. “ I will be also distributing additional masks, sanitizers and other items around 5000+ in my home country of Lebanon in particularly in Beirut among other cities. Preparations in Beirut have already started and the distribution will begin shortly.”