Exo-humanitarian activities

IIMSAM’s prolific youth goodwill ambassador Ms Naseem Arewale unabating unprecedented humanitarian activities in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in her native goa-India by helping hundreds of underprivileged in need 400+ families “inter alia” bringing hope and imperative food items to an impoverished remote-sectors of goa-India.

IIMSAM’S-Youth Goodwill Ambassador MS. Arewale-Comented   

for the IIMSAM-Newsletter.  

( Field Activities 4th. of April-GOA-India.) 

“Despite the ongoing lockdown due to COVID19 crisis. the local authorities have been very helpful and my sincere appreciation to all them without their assistance the distribution would be impossible.” “Today we continue our efforts in the remote areas of Mapusa,Porvorim,Panjim-North-GOA-District.” “By bringing and distributing lifesaving food items like  groceries,vegetables,fruits and others to over 400 needy families and underprivileged folks including peoples with special needs, the elderly, orphans,construction site labourer, gardener, district Municipality workers among others. “I want to thank all our supporters who provided the footprints to actualized this imperative humanitarian activities to help in these difficult times for all of us due to COVID19.“ (I-Help Foundation-Contec-Global-Foundation-Jaago Bharat.)

  Comments by SG R. Maradona: 

“Youth Ambassador Arewale only 24 is a prolific and unique humanitarian and a shining example of the Millennial Generation.” “She is a magnificent humanitarian with a regal track record with IIMSAM and the locally Goa-based I Help Foundation. “As our  Youth Ambassador, she has continuously contributed via the IIMSAM Exo-Humanitarian Activities, which have benefited hundreds of peoples in need.“ ”Naseema is a unique youth among her Millennial counterparts that provides hope where there is none by helping those in need.” “I am very proud of her and honour to have her on the IIMSAM Team as our Youth Ambassador.”

IIMSAM’s prolific youth goodwill ambassador Ms Naseema Arewale & fmr.’l India 2018 contributes in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in her native Goa-India by bringing hope and imperative food items to an impoverished remote-sector of goa.

IMSAM’S-Youth Goodwill Ambassador MS. Arewale-Comented for the IIMSAM-Newsletter.

(1 April-Goa India.)

“Today due to the lockdown all around due to COVID19 crisis. “The impoverished remote sectors in Goa have been affected the most.”  “I proudly contributed towards this cause on behalf of IIMSAM as a Goodwill Ambassador in GOA.” Donated vegetables, fruits , rice , flour , sugar, salt and all the other basic necessities for household kitchen(s) to feed their families”. “These underprivileged sectors are mostly construction site labourers , housemaids , cleaners, among others including the unemployed and people with special needs.”

  Comments by SG R. Maradona: “Ambassador Arewale is a prolific and unique humanitarian youth only 24 with a magnificent humanitarian track record with  IIMSAM and the locally Goa based I Help Foundation. “As our Youth Ambassador she has continuously contributed via the IIMSAM Exo-Humanitarian Activities which  have benefited hundreds of peoples in need.“ ”Naseema is a unique youth that provides hope where there is none by helping those in need.”  “I am very proud of her and honour to have her on the IIMSAM Team as our Youth Ambassador.”

‘Gul Makai’ After 2 years in the making Bollywood film on the life of social activist (UN PEACE MESSENGER-Nobel Peace Prize winneR 2014) Malala Yousafzai The film is directed by Amjad Khan, AN IIMSAM Advocacy Goodwill Ambassador FILM opened world wide 31 jan 2020

10% of the film WORLD WIDE Gross will go Directly to the IIMSAM Life Saving Free Spirulina Distribution Centre in Kisumu-Kenya.


(Pictures below) Lf-to-RT: IIMSAM’S Secretariat H.E. R. Fernandes & SG-R. Maradona-FILM’S TEAM: Rohit ( social media head) , H.E. Remigio martin Maradona (C0-producer) rohit (social media head)-sanjay singla(producer)- Sehanshah zaidi ( social media head) kasif zaidi (social media head) RECIEVE IIMSAM’S APPRECIATION CERTIFICATES.  H.E. Roy Fernandes handing over on behalf of the Secretary-General of IIMSAM R. Maradona Appreciation Certificate to Mr. Amjad khan (director) of the film. Last picture on right shows The Secretary-General’s gratitude/supporting Note verbale for the Film.


I hope this message finds you in your best health and spirit. First of all, I am oblige after receiving your love and support towards ‘Gui Makai.’ It’s my pleasure to be connected with you, and at the same time, I would like to share some ideas and thoughts regarding the future segment of ‘Gui Makai.’ This film is based on Malala Yousafzai and celebrates Women Empowerment and screams the right to education for all. But I feel that only releasing and showcasing the film won’t be sufficient enough to bring about change. We may provide much better for society with a concrete plan and determination. I wish if the whole world becomes educated, and no child goes to bed in an empty stomach. But it’s not possible in one night. But it’s not impossible either. These days we are facing a very crucial time which threatening us to wreck our peace. Our future is in danger as most of the countries are preserving Nuclear Bombs for each other. Governments are spending billions on bomb and army practices when the fund is almost zero for education and food. India and Pakistan threaten each other every day on the border and also spend billions on defense. I want to establish a new era of love and friendship between these two countries through ‘Gui Makai.’ Gui Makai is not only a film; it’s a positive message towards these two battling countries who may forget their differences and jointly announce their battle against terrorism after watching this film. As the film is base on Malala, but also shows the real struggle of the Pakistan Army against the Taliban





Ambassador (India-South Asia)

We are supposed to be living in a free modern society, a society that prides itself on its scientific innovations, a society that has shrunk the world into ‘global village’, a society in which human rights are celebrated tirelessly propagated, a society in which the rights of the individual are inviolated. What has scaped us in this age of information and media activism is the plight of more than half of the human population who are afflicted by perennial hunger, by undernourishment and most importantly who are deprived of the very basic human right-the right to nutritious food. A billion books cannot hope to say what Mahatma Gandhi has said in one line;



“There are people in this world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

The most sentient man of our generation, true Mahatma (Saint), gave us a mantra, a path to follow and yet progress on that path has been negligible. This one line is the inspiration of IIMSAM and is the motivating force of our endevour. This clarion call of the Mahatma Gandhi has to find echo in every desolate, despairing and devastated corner of our world, but more so it has to find an echo in our hearts and minds. This echo is the timeless inspiration behind our endeavors.

In our continous efforts to achieve the UNMDGs of eradication of malnutrition & Achieve Food Security, lately, we introduced the IIMSAM-Hash-Biotech-Labs Life Saver Humanitarian Spirulina for free worldwide distribution with a pledge, to restore the true honor of mankind by giving every person the right to food and a healthy life by providing every person the most basic nourishment. A pledge to give meaning and substance to the word human ‘humanitarian’. A pledge to not let the clarion call subside, till malnutrition and undernourishment, the most deadly of mankind’s enemies, are completely eradicated.

We welcome every person to participate in this struggle as people across the economic spectrum can meaningfully contribute towards achieving mandate of IIMSAM of eradication of Malnutrition and achieve Food Security. The unique mechanism of the campaign ensures that every contribution reaches the needy and makes a difference. It would not be amiss to describe the campaign as the first truly transparent endeavour which gives full account of the contribution. The campaign ensures that the IIMSAM-Hash-Bioetech Labs Life Saver Humanitarian Spirulina is provided free of any cost to the malnourished and needy across the world. Let us answer the Gandhi’s clarion call and take a pledge to save, enrich and empower innocent lives lost to the scourge of malnutrition-as together we can and together we will-achieve our goals.

I remained Sincerely,


“Mission is to accomplish the UNMDG’s to save millions of lives suffering from severe malnutrition and to achieve sustainable development”