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IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador H. E. Mrs. Abeer Khalil Makes In Roads Towards Assisting the Impoverished Communities in Niger One of the Poorest Country in the African Continent

H.E. Dr. Khalil


H.E. Dr. Khalil is a Prolific Humanitarian working with cancer victims, autistic children, orphans, refugee children, medical director of her own medical centre servicing the diplomatic community and others in Jeddah, KSA. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador of various initiatives with the Arab Media Unity Council.

As an IIMSAM GWA she arrived in Niamey is the capital and largest city of the West African country Niger. Niamey lies on the Niger River, primarily situated on the east bank. It is an administrative, cultural and economic centre of one of the poorest nations in Africa The Republic of Niger.


Dr. Khalil showed in photos below establishing an IIMSAM water well for the communities surrounding Tondikire Tabla an arid region of Niger.
Dr. Khalil establishing an IIMSAM water well in Niger

Malnutrition in the Niger according to UNICEF: Malnutrition is directly or indirectly responsible for 35 per cent of deaths of children under 5 in the world. In the Niger, even during a good harvest year, malnutrition is a major issue. An annual survey conducted concluded that the prevalence of global acute malnutrition in the country was 13 per cent. The World Health Organization’s standard of emergency is 10 per cent.


More than 500,000 children were treated for severe and moderate acute malnutrition in the Niger. IIMSAM’s would like to develop a pilot programme of Spirulina distribution with NGOs already on the ground for which have contributed significantly to a better approach to the persistent problem.

In the Niger, mothers are often illiterate, are married young and are not necessarily versed in how best to ensure their children’s health, particularly given scarce resources.


GWA Dr. Khalil visiting an orphanage/charity in Niamey also a clinic hospital in much need of medicine and other medical supplies.

GWA Dr. Khalil visiting an orphanage/charity in Niamey

GWA Dr. Khalil visiting an orphanage/charity in Niamey

GWA Dr. Khalil visiting an orphanage/charity in Niamey

Comments by the Secretary – General of IIMSAM R. Maradona:
“It is an honor for me to have appointed a truly “Humanitarian Extraordinaire”. . . Her Excellency, Dr. Khalil with an impressive humanitarian record. “Ambassador Khalil’s involvement with IIMSAM will assist in the Institutional Development of IIMSAM in the Republic of Niger one of the poorest nation on the African Continent. . .H.E. Dr. Khali’s official visit as an IIMSAM GWA an expression of her desire to formalized and provide continuous and sustainable humanitarian “Concrete Deeds” through the IIMSAM Mandate in support of the United Nations sustainable Development Goals 2015 – 2030. Ambassador Dr. Khalil has steadfastly acted with “Concrete Deeds”only shortly after I appointed her. . .I am deeply moved by the grand gesture of humanitarianism and unwavering support and commitment she has for IIMSAM’s Mandate. . .”
Did You Know?
1.3 million square kilometres, Niger is one of the world’s least developed nations. … Niger ranked 186th and last in the 2015 UNDP – Human Development Index of the … Poverty is deepest in rural areas, especially in the regions of Maradi, Dosso …