IIMSAM’S Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Ayman Al-Bayaa Continues the Unprecedented IIMSAM’s (Ramadan Al khair “Goodwill Campaign” 2016) by Sponsoring Iftar to 300 Impoverished Families and An Orphanage in Gaza – Palestine

IIMSAM’s General-Legal Counsel and GWA H.E. Dr. A. Bayaa sponsored Orphan kids and gave Iftar to 300 poor families at Gaza-Palestine. Signs held by the orphans kids read “Thank You Dr. Bayaa.”

The Gaza Strip, or simply Gaza, is a small self-governing Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, that borders Egypt on the southwest for 11 kilometers and Israel on the east and north along a 51 km border.

Area: 365 km2 – Founded: 1949 – Population: 1.816 million (2014) Administrative division: Khan Yunis. GDP per capita: 6,100.00 USD (2014) Gross domestic product: 6.641 billion USD (2014) (Source UN-Data)

IIMSAM’s Prolific Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Dr. Abeer Khalil Makes In Roads Towards Assisting the Impoverished Communities As She Closes Out the Unprecedented IIMSAM’s (Ramadan Al Khair “2016 Goodwill Campaign”) by Providing Dozens of Orphan Children from Gaza with Gifts and Other Items



Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Dr. Abeer Khalil during Ramadan visited first K.S.A. – Niger – Jordan – Republic of Egypt. And her final destination will be the IIMSAM flagship humanitarian spirulina distribution programme at the IIMSAM’s Sheikh Zayed Centre in Kisumu-Kenya in August 2016.





GWA Dr. Abbeer Khalil (dubbed the IIMSAM Angelina Jolie) seen above with supplies and the IIMSAM supply truck delivering humanitarian food supplies and other items for daily survival for the various needed impoverished communities in Cairo – Egypt.

IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Dr. Khalil is a Prolific Humanitarian working with cancer victims, autistic children, orphans, refugee children, medical director of her own medical centre servicing the diplomatic community and others in Jeddah, KSA. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador of various initiatives with the Arab Media Unity Council.

As an IIMSAM GWA she arrived in the Egyptian Capital, Cairo, as part of the IIMSAM campaign (Ramadan Al khair “Goodwill Campaign”) in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030. H.E. Dr. Khalil visited numbers of severely impoverished communities (Districts) with no infrastructure, no sanitation, polluted environment with waste throughout Cairo amongst the communities (Districts) visited by Amassador Dr. Khalil were Eizbat Al Hajana, Al Shurabiah, where she listened to the residents and their difficulties in order to help in provide facilities where she provided financial support to the people who are suffering from chronic diseases.

She also visited Saied Jalal Hospital visited various departments of hospital and was advised of the large number of patients in hospital. She donated funds, and gifts to the children in the hospital. Her Excellency Commented: “This is the time to give a hand for these unfortunate people not only in Ramadan but throughout the year this is necessary to help them prosper to become healthy in order for them to become members of their respective communities for a better future.”


IIMSAM Humanitarian Aide in Gaza: Sponsored by H.E. Hazim Al Jaboori (Iraqui National) GWA of IIMSAM Since 2010