Exo-humanitarian activities

IIMSAM`s secretary-general Remigio Maradona welcomes the support of IIMSAM’s stalwart advocate goodwill ambassador (exo-humanitarian affairs) millennial german-born Ms. Virginia Salas Kastilio the #1 female Snapchat business influencer in the world organize through “concrete deeds” the first team to bring in-kind assistance to fight the amazonian fires that are now engulfing the Bolivian side of the amazons.


IIMSAM-Pictures from left to Right: from Above IIMSAM’S GWA MS. Virginia Salas Kastilio & Volunteer Fire-Fighter. Other pictures depict fires on the Bolivian side of the Amazons:

Comments from IIMSAM’S Stalwart-Supporter & Goodwill Ambassador (Exo-Humanitarian Affairs.) Ms.Virginia Salas Kastilio For the IIMSAM Newsletter:

“The moment I heard about the Amazon Fire, I knew I had to do something. There was so much noise on social media, people crying out for a solution, but no one taking action! So I went into full researcher mode and looked at where the most help was needed! I then partnered with @globalempowermentmission who have 20 years of experience in disaster recon missions, last year they raised $20m for Hurricane Maria.” “They were already calling their connections and planning a trip on the ground. Together with the Global Empowerment Mission, I flew down to Bolivia, and we got to work! Together with generous donations from various teams, we were able to outfit 200 firefighter volunteers. These volunteers had been fighting fires with their civilian clothes, burning off their shoes, pants, and shirts! “ “ We provided them with full equipment to put out the fires and stay protected! Just the beginning, though! We need to equip 800 more firefighters, and the equipment costs $250 per firefighter. Putting out the fires is our priority! After the fires are out, we will start the rehabilitation of our beloved, now scorched Amazon Rainforest. We are looking for sizable donations, PR, and partners that are ready to take permanent action. Our campaign is called #PledgeToEarth because we are pledging to the Earth not only to put out the fires but make the lasting change from here forward.” “ I Thank our Secretary-General Maradona for supporting this important exo-humanitarian mission”.




Comments by IIMSAM Secretary General Remigio Maradona:

“The Amazonian fires are a tragedy for the humankind and an Ecocide crime against humanity.” For the survival of our planet and oxygen hang in the balance.” “I commend our Millennial born Goodwill Ambassador Kastilio.” for acting on such notice in helping along with her team of volunteers in putting out the fires that are now engulfing the Bolivian side of the Amazons.” doing a “concrete deed “for humanity.” “An out of the box thinker and Humanitarian Ambassador which coincides with IIMSAM’S Motto Ms. Kastilio is a shining example of the millennial generation that is criticized and mollified.” IIMSAM is proud to have an action-oriented young individual who cares that the future of this planet that we so often take for granted its there for the next generation.”