Rahul Shivade

Youth Goodwill Ambassador

Mr. Rahul Shivade is currently studying at San Diego State University. He is a very smart young computer science student and an eager entrepreneur in the field of technology, who is extremely keen and dedicated in his special area of skilled expertise. His aptitude for learning anything related to information- technology outside school material is
fantastic, and he is always motivated to try out new things. 


Ms. F.Firoz

Youth Goodwill Ambassador

Has recently graduated in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and is pursuing a master’s degree in the same field. She is a nutritionist, and a Ganotherapist. Her mission is to focus on child nutrition, health,by creating awareness and performing actions to fight  acute – malnutrition, night-blindness, and anemia. She strongly believes in the healing power of nature and functional foods like spirulina, micro-algae with rich nutrient contents, and the ability to fight malnutrition for children and expecting mothers. A close follower of IIMSAM is a dream come true to work with IIMSAM and spread information about spirulina and its benefits. She also believes in the powers manifested in the youth of the world. She is passionate about spreading awareness about the use of spirulina for children’s health and wellness with IIMSAM aligning with the United Nations’ Decade of Action 2020-2021 Sustainable Development Goals.


Mr. Asif Ayoob

Youth Goodwill Ambasaddor 

Making a statement at UN NY HQ. Circa- 2019 (UN-HABITAT).
A catalyst in the construction home for homeless people using sustainable cost-effective technology with support from his educational institution and its alumni. The project received wide appreciation from the United Nations (UN-Habitat.)


Sydney Miranda

Sydney Miranda is the Youth Advocate at IIMSAM. With his PR and Media experience, he will continue to promote advocacy in support of the IIMSAM Mandate and the UNSDGs 2030.

He is the Media Director at VVIP. VVIP.co produces daily curated content on local news, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, events, and exclusive Interviews.

His goal is to continue and support IIMSAM objectives to fight malnutrition.

Naseema Arewale

Ambassador Arewale is a prolific humanitarian youth only 24 with a magnificent humanitarian track record with the locally Goa based I Help Foundation and as our Youth Ambassador who has contributed in-kind assistance on behalf of IIMSAM. “ I am not surprise she has decide to maintain these unfortunately outcast innocent kids at Asro.” Naseema is a unique youth that provides hope where there is none.