IIMSAM/IMAP Special Medical Team in Haiti: Pictures Shown Some of IIMSAM’s Sp. Medical Team with Several of the Hundreds of Haitian Children Being Treated After A Devastating Earthquake Hit Haiti in January 2010

Photos of IIMSAM Special Medical Team with children in Haiti

Photos of IIMSAM Special Medical Team with children in Haiti

*Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, with an annual estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of $390 per person or less than a $2dollars a day. *MINUSTAH (UN Presence in Haiti) was set up in 2004 and currently has more than 9,000 military and police personnel and nearly 2,000 civilian staff.




Benefit Friendly Game For Haiti in Argentina 2010

IIMSAM’S Secretary General Remigio Maradona Commented
“No hay ganadores ni perdedores solamente el pueblo Haitiano son los ganadores”.
Comentó el SG-del IIMSAM Remigio Maradona


Photos from benefit football game in Argentina


Former National Team Manager Diego Maradona during friendly benefit game against Haiti 5th of May 2010
The National Team of Argentina played a friendly benefit game against Haiti’s National Team for the Haitian Earthquake Victims. The game was lopsided a match as you can find by looking at the final score. One nation has won two FIFA World Cups and has aspirations to capture its third in July, while the other has qualified for just one Final series (in 1974) and was left in ruins following a devastating earthquake it suffered in January 2010. What then brought these two countries together for a friendly on May 5 2010 For Argentina, the game serves as an opportunity to help out a nation recovering from the trauma of a natural disaster (part of the profit went to the Haiti Relief Fund), Game was showed in Haiti and heard on Radio. Maradona show cased his national team by letting another part of the country other than Buenos Aires view its 2010-National Team.