IIMSAM’s secretary-general Remigio Maradona lauds IIMSAM’s senior hon.ambassador in Iraq Sheikh Hazim Al-Juboori’s efforts on the institutional development of IIMSAM in Iraq, in particular, bringing humanitarian aid through IIMSAM during his discussions with the president of the iraqi house of representatives h.e. Mr. Mohamed Al- Halboussi.       

(Pictures above show) IIMSAM Sr. Hon. H.E. Mr. Sh. Hazim Al Juboori. The president of the Iraqi House of Representatives, H.E Mohamed Al- Halboussi, in the presence of the governor of Babylon H.E Karar Sabah Al- Abbadi, and President of Babylon Governorate Council Mr. Raad Hamza Alwan and the police chief of Babylon Governorate H.E. Mr. Ali Kowa.

IIMSAM’ Secretary-General R. Maradona offers his gratitude though IIMSAM’s Senior Hon. Ambassador H.E. Mr. Hazim Al Jaboori to the Iraqi House of Representatives. In particular to the President of the Iraqi House of Representatives. H.E Mohamed Al- Halboussi, for their support of the IIMSAM Mandate. The IIMSAM continues to count on the President’s leadership and commitment to the help of the 2030 UNSDGs Agenda, including through international cooperation under a strategic partnership with IIMSAM. Hence, ensuring befitting reply to malnutrition per the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations ( SDGs) in the purview of IIMSAM’s Mandate. 

Ambassador Hazim Al-Jubouri met with the President of the Iraqi House of Representatives, H.E Mohamed Al Halboussi. At the headquarters of the House of Representatives in Baghdad. H.E Al Halbousi congratulated the people of Babylon in the occasion of Ancient  Babylon which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iraq had been lobbying since 1983 for the 4,000-year-old site to be added to the United Nations’ prestigious list. The City, first referenced in a clay tablet from the 23rd century BC, was famous for its hanging gardens which were among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

H.E.  Al Juboori discussed with H.E Al Halbousi the return of the displaced Babylonian people and providing humanitarian support through a Pilot Project for the distribution of Spirulina to the needed in the Governorate. Under a  Strategic Partnership of cooperation in support of UNSDG#17. Partnership for the Goals. Between IIMSAM and the Iraqi House of Representatives in humanitarian activities and sustainability. The IIMSAM Senior Ambassador H.E. Al Juboori also conveyed his greetings on behalf of IIMSAM’S Secretary-General Remigio Maradona to the Iraqi head of parliament and people of Babylon, stressing the importance of this City to be bestowed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

IIMSAM Picture from left to right:Newly Appointed-Goodwill Ambassador-Ms.Cynthia M. Thomalla–SG.R.Maradona-Prof. Ismail Abdel Ghafar.Chairman of the LAS./Pres. AASTMT-Ms. Eco-Founder & IIMSAM Sp.Adv-of SG—Dr. Amal Resk-Dr. Mohamed H.Abdrabou,Ph.D.

Comments for the IIMSAM Newsletter by Secretary General Remigio Maradona:

“I want to thank IIMSAM’s Dr. Amal Resk for organizing such regal event, the Arab League and the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport.”  The Strategic Partnership would present a real opportunity to perform with concrete deeds in the Republic of Egypt.” “Working together with the Arab League and the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport towards the institutional development of IIMSAM in Egypt by mutually creating the roadmap which can be a formidable force to be reckoned with in the fight against malnutrition in the MENA Region “inter alia.”


IIMSAM-Photo-left: IIMSAM’s Sr. Ambassador  and Sp. Envoy of the Secretary GeneraL of IIMSAM H.E. Sheikh Hazim Al Juboori makes in roads in Kurdistan with the opening of Razi Cultural Center in Kurdistan’s Capital City of Erbil. H.E. H.A. Juboori also coordinated a synergy of cooperation between the Barzani Charity Foundation and IIMSAM  towards working together in assisting the refugee camps towards improving the health of the refugee children and others by distributing Spirulina through the Refugee camps. H.E. Juboori was accompanied by Vice President of the Foundation, Mr. Musa Ahmed seing in photo on left.

The Centre will train refugees young Kurdish males and females on computers, the young ladies will also have training in sewing classes by providing the equipment necessary to operate the Centre. There was a ceremony of awarding sports accolades in football, cycling and other sports. It has been agreed with the V.P. of the Barzani Foundation Mr. Musa Ahmed  to continue a synergy of cooperation with “Concrete Deeds” in establishing Spirulina distribution programnme along with a Sports recreational programne for the refugee youth.

< عقد اجتماع تعارفي وتعريفي عن منظمة امسام وطبيعة عملها مع مؤسسة البارزاني الخيريه يوم٥/٥

وتم دعوتي لضور افتتاح مركز ثقافي

اسمه مركز الرازي في احد مخيمات المهجرين في محافظة اربيل اسمه كمب بحركة وبرفقة نائب رئيس المؤسسة السيد موسى احمد وقمت بقص شريط افتتاح المركز والمركز هو عبارة عن توفير دورات وتعليم الشباب على الكمبيوتر وتدريب النساء على مهمة الخياطة وتوفير بعض مكائن الخياطه لمساعدة المهجرين على اعانة انفسهم وفتح افاق جديده لهم كما كانت هناك حفلة توزيع جوائر لدورة رياضية لكرة القدم وتم الاتفاق مع السيد نائب رئيس مؤسسة البرزاني الخيرية على التعاون المستمر بين

المؤسسة والمنظمة وطرحت عليه فكرة توقيع بروتوكول تعاون مع المؤسسة ورحب بالفكرة 


In 2013: UNICEF & Kurdistan Regional Government adopts standards to improve school environments for children

Erbil, IRAQ – The Kurdistan Regional Government has adopted a set of comprehensive standards to ensure that primary schools across the region become ideal learning environments where children can obtain a high quality education. The Ministry of Education and UNICEF have developed these school standards as part of a larger programme supported by the European Union to improve the quality of and access to primary education across Iraq. “By accepting and implementing these standards, children will have model school settings to study and learn in,” said Dr. Assmet Mohammed Khalid, the Minister of Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government.