IIMSAM’S Response To COVID-19

“I was born in natural birth, fate gave me “Polio-Myelitis” at two years old. I was

not born to help those in need, and fate taught me to help. I lost the strength of my

stunted arms and never stopped using them. I was discriminated against for

receiving this unexpected gift. But I always defied fate and never accepted or


“Nací en un parto natural, el destino me dio la “Polio-Mielitis” a los dos años. No nací

para ayudar a los necesitados y el destino me enseñó a ayudar. Perdí la fuerza de

mis atrofiados brazos y nunca dejé de usarlos. Fui discriminado por recibir este

regalo inesperado. Pero siempre desafie al destino y nunca lo acepté ni me quejé ”

Statement of the Secretary General Remigio Maradona.

As the novel COVID-19 Pandemic spreads globally, we would like to update you on what IIMSAM is doing as a response to this unprecedented health crisis. We are committed to continuing to deliver our humble assistance as much as possible during this difficult Time. We appreciate your support during this challenging period. We are deeply concerned about the profound impacts and disruptions by COVID-19. Our concern is first and foremost for the immediate human loss and suffering, especially for those who face the most vulnerabilities in withstanding the shocks. But beyond this, we know that the economic and social upheavals that the pandemic is generating will last for a long Time. We endorse the UN Secretary-General’s urgent call for action and, with this statement, share the vision of the UN System in helping to respond to the immediate crisis and contribute to shaping a better a more inclusive world. Many challenges lie ahead for a fledging and out of the box thinking organisa3on like IIMSAM. However, its primary mission of fighting Acute-MalnutriPon and distributing spirulina for benefiting the most vulnerable people and under-developed nations. Remains as valid today as it did just over a decade ago when IIMSAM established. Its Free distribution of Spirulina Centre in Kisumu, Kenya. Where over a million dosages of spirulina have been distributed to thousands of beneficiaries. I extend my support & gratitude to the IIMSAM’S Ambassadors, whose humanitarianism amidst the Covid-19 crisis has been commendable. I am proud of them and their concrete deeds delivering vital services to those in need and, in doing so, elevating the IIMSAM organisation commitment to assist in the time of crisis. I commend you and your humanitarian endeavors”. Through your great and vital work. I believe viruses can’t survive where Hearts have compassion.

(pictures depicts). IIMSAM/DXN team – from left to right: IIMSAM’s goodwill ambassador chairman – Datuk Dr. Lim Siow jin – Sg. R. Maradona international-
businessman & goodwill ambassador of IIMSAM in UAE – Mr. Jaber Al Behandy- DXN-Mr. Mathews Kuncheria-managing director –
IIMSAM-sp. adviser Mr. Tarik Al Behandy-Mr. Juith n.k. int’l-managing director – Mr. Saleem Shajeerdirector-marketing. ( DXN-Hq-Kedah Malaysia.)
IIMSAM recognizes that malnutrition is the biggest challenge to secure the united nations sustainable development goals 2030
agenda and the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic further aggravates the present situation. despite this ongoing pandemic, the
corporate social responsibility of the economic institutions can play a significant role in mitigating the situation. investing financial resources, in this case,DXN to stem the loss of lives worldwide by various means is not only a prudent decision but also has significant returns that aid towards building a better and more inclusive and just world.

COMMENTS BY THE SG-R. MARADONA: “On behalf of the autonomous Intergovernmental the use of Micro-algae spirulina Against Malnutrition (IIMSAM.), “I want to express my sincere appreciation to the IIMSAM/DXN Team specifically our Goodwill Ambassador of IIMSAM in UAE – Mr. Jaber Al Behandy and IIMSAM Sp. Adviser Mr. Tariq Al Behandy, who was the catalyst that brought about the possibilities of this Strategic-Partnership and Spear-Headed the eventual MOU signing after a two-year hiatus. Also, Mr. Mathews Kuncheria-Managing Director, Mr. Jijith N.K . Int’l – Managing Director and Mr. Saleem Shajeer Marketing Director. last but not least,the founder and Chairman Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin your grand humanitarian gesture to contribute In-Kind DXN-Spirulina to one million children for 90 days 3 grams of spirulina daily.” Is unprecedented.” As well as provide50 Kg Spirulina to IIMSAM per month for 1 Year to its flagship programmetheSh. Zayed FreeSpirulina Distribution Centre in Kisumu, Kenya, to supplement the local cultivation at Centre to increase our capacity to reach out to the remote areas of Kisumu.”

“I would like to extend my compliments to the IIMSAM &DXNTeam of our strategic-Partnership that will be championing the IIMSAM Mandate and the UN Decade of Action 2020—2030. To achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), launched in New York by the UN-General Assembly in September of 2015, and to be reached by 2030 as look forward to working closely along with Secretary-General Maradona and our team in achieving our goals.ForIIMSAM is a leap forward into the future that will enable us to improve the lives of children and others participating in our humanitarian programs in particular providing one million children with 3 grams of Spirulina daily for three months. As well as expanding the IIMSAM Flagship Spirulina Program in Kenya.”Hopefully will be able to start immediately Post Covid-19 Pandemic.”

IIMSAM’S ambassador at large Mr. Rami El Attar contributes with concrete deeds during the holy month of Ramadan by a distribution of 30,000 meals in Beirut- Lebanon. Starting from 8 May till the end of Ramadan this month. Distribution was made possible by a conglomerate of entities and individuals amalgamated by AMB. El Attar. Amids the COVID-19 Pandemic world crises.




The distribution of these essential meals will be an ongoing initiative as an embedded campaign until the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. We expect to distribute starting today May 8th, the  first wave of meals of the 30k we are planning to distribute in Beirut to the needy population and others. The Holy Month of Ramadan gives us a chance to reflect on our lives and the need to help others who are not as lucky as we are. The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown us that life is fragile and that we are not as strong as we

think we are. The Pandemic has humbled all of us in a profound way forever. We must stand together against COVID19. We all need to do all we can to help those in need under the umbrella of IIMSAM. I want to thank the “Conglomerate” of various entities and individuals which has made possible the implementation of this exo-humanitarian activity that will approximately assist 4,500+ individuals in need in Beirut, my home country of Lebanon. We will be updating the distribution process during this latter part of May as the Holy Month of Ramadan 2020 comes to completion. I would have loved to be in Beirut during this period of distribution. However, unfortunately, I am unable to travel due to the Covid-19 travel-restrictions. Otherwise, I would be there on the ground with the team.


IIMSAM’S “Pro Bono,” Hon. Ambassador-At-Large Mr. Rami El-Attar noble initiative to support the efforts in the battle against COVID-19, particularly during this Holy Month of Ramadan. Amb. El-Attar was the second to initiate a humanitarian  activity in fighting Covid-19. On 22 March 2020. He distributed 2000 masks and gloves to civil society, philanthropic entities in Dubai. He was also the “Lone  Ranger” in distributing some of these items to individual pedestrians on the road in need of masks and gloves. My sincere gratitude to Ambassador El-Attar for this latest undertaking in his home country.

IIMSAM’s “Gadara” Initiative in Jordan continues this time around four in response to exo-humanitarian activities in assisting the needy amid the COVID-19 pandemic world crises.

IMPERATIVE distributiON OF VITAL LIFESAVING fooD ITEMS to 2000 persons in Alhamma A REMOTE area IN NORTHERN JORDAN ADJACENT TO THE Jordan River and close to THE ICONIC Tabariya Lake.


As a part of the IIMSAM- Gadara Initiative and in line with the efforts to combat Covid-19 Pandemic World Crisis. The IIMSAM SG R. Maradona expresses his gratitude to the  IIMSAM team led by IIMSAM’S Goodwill Ambassador in Jordan Mr. Farej Omari and the pertinent Jordanian Authorities and Security Departments. For their unprecedented synergy of cooperation during these challenging times of Covid-19.


Jordan has been under total lockdown since March 14. After just a few COVID-19 cases appeared around the country, the government took extraordinary measures, including implementing strict emergency laws. The Jordan Armed Forces and police were deployed to patrol the kingdom’s streets, enforcing a strict curfew.The hardest-hit part of the country was the northern city of Irbid, Jordan’s second most populous. (Source-WHO)

SG Remigio Maradona lauds IIMSAM’s most proliferous goodwill ambassador Mrs. Raheela khan – as she brings an unprecedented continual relief of 500 Iftaar daily meals (7-days) distribution amides COVID-19 pandemic to the needy from the underprivileged sector of Islamabad & Rawalpindi – Pakistan – totaling – 16,000 meals during the holy month of Ramadan.

  IIMSAM’S-GWA – MRS Raheela Khan (Picture below)

Brief-Statement for the IIMSAM-INT’L-CIRCULAR.

Despite the ongoing COVID19 crisis. By the grace of Allah, we were able to start on time at the beginning of the Holy Month of  Ramadan 24 of April a daily distribution seven days per week of vital Iftar-Meals to 500+ individuals more than half children from the underprivileged and poverty-stricken sectors of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in  the Punjab province of Pakistan. With the present situational crisis, which has affected every sector of our society on a standstill for now. Inner-Voice, along with our strategic-partner IIMSAM, we will continue the invaluable assistance of daily Iftar Meals for the 30 days during the holy month of Ramadan. I want to thank all our local logistics team who provided and will provide their invaluable support continuously as we are doing daily distribution. Since April 24, 2020.


Our most proliferous Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs. Raheela Khan, was born a humanitarian. There is a good reason why she is known as the “Mother Teresa of the Kashmir. She is well known for her contributions and welfare achievements in Kashmir and other places. During this Holy month of Ramadan. Our Ambassador has accomplished unprecedented heights in assistance to at the rate  of 500 iftar-meals daily. During the first 13 days of Ramadan (as of 6 May), thousands have already been served. Thousands more will be served iftar meals for the last two and a half weeks of Ramadan. Once she pointed out food and water is life, but now with IIMSAM Spirulina is life.” “Ambassador Khan was the first one to start a Spirulina Pilot-Programme in Pakistan. Our Goodwill Ambassador is indeed a “Humanitarian Extraordinaire of the First  Order.” “And we are proud to have her on the IIMSAM Team.” My sincere gratitude for Ambassador Khan and our local logistics team there as they work under challenging circumstances amidst the Covid-19 Lockdown. 

IIMSAM launches an Extraordinaire Exo- Initiative Second-Phase to sanitized one of Jordan’s most dramatic antiquities and touristic regions. In the Umm Qais Roman Antiquities Archaeological site in the remote northern part of Jordan. As a part of the IIMSAM- Gadara Initiative and in line with the efforts to combat Covid-19 Pandemic World Crisis. The IIMSAM SG R. Maradona expresses his gratitude to the IIMSAM team led by IIMSAM’S Goodwill Ambassador in Jordan Mr. Farej Omari and the pertinent Jordanian Authorities from the Irbid Governorate, and Security Departments. For their unprecedented synergy of cooperation in both phases of the initiative.




Western Roman Theatre-Northern Roman Theatre-Cardo Maximus-Water Fountains-Nymphaeum-Roman Commercial Market-Roman Cabin-Roman cemetery-Roman-Swimming Pools. “inter alios”


“I believe viruses can’t survive where Hearts have compassion.”



 “We’re now over a month into one of the biggest changes we’ve faced as a population in recent memory.” “Change is constant in life; it comes on this quickly, and this dramatically feels  a little like a punch to the gut.” “It’s an unnerving, weird, and confusing time.” 

“By now, these extraordinaire circumstances create well-intentioned extraordinaire opportunities to see human beings like Ambassador Mr. Farej Omari. Doing extraordinaire humanitarian concrete deeds  almost weekly, no doubt he has become IIMSAM’S most prolific Ambassador.” Accounting for nearly 50% of the total approximate tally of the 12,750 needy people throughout seven countries who have been recipients under the IIMSAM umbrella during these sorrow times we are leaving during COVID-19 Pandemic Spring-2020.”

“As the Secretary-General of IIMSAM, “I am proud of all our good samaritan ambassadors who have gone the extra mile in these painful times. “Through their continued and vital work, besides this humanitarian act comes during the holy month of  Ramadan when timely alimentation is crucial due to fasting..” 


“The unfolding pandemic crisis has challenged national governments, the international community, and the business community in fundamental ways. IIMSAM’ S-COVID-19 response is now an immediate and overarching focus for our Exo-Humanitarian Activities.” In the latest of these activities, Ambassador Bolarin was unable to travel due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions worldwide. “Hopefully, he will be traveling in the offing as countries beginning to relax the worldwide lockdowns.” “I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to Amb. Samson O. Bolarin who was also designated Ambassador of the ECOWAS youth council (EYC).Ambassador Ologun William Seun Emmanuel, the chairperson of EYC. Amb. Ojo Bright ENIAFE Director of Public Affairs West Africa (ECOWAS) Youth Council. For their noble humanitarian efforts, which placed hope and a smile on the faces of over 750 people in Nigeria. In an unprecedented synergy of cooperation, shared responsibility and global solidarity for concrete humanitarian deeds.” “Ambassador Bolarin. In this first phase of the relief was marked to begin in Southern Nigeria. South West region severely hit by COVID-19. It received first attention.” “There is phase two in the offing. Which will encompass the following states in Nigeria: Across the six states in Western Nigeria: Ekiti state(Ikere) Ondo state(Akure, Oda, and Emiloro) Lagos state (Okokomaiko) Ogun state (Ijebu mushin) Osun State (Owena) Oyo. State (Adgbayi area of Ibadan) where the relief materials and palliatives were shared. “I am proud of the Nigerian Team scoring the wining lifesaving goal with their concrete deeds delivering vital services to those in need and, in doing so, elevating the IIMSAM organisation commitment to assist in times of crisis. As the Secretary-General of IIMSAM, I commend you on your humanitarian endeavors”. Through your great and vital work.”

“For I believe viruses can’t survive where Hearts have compassion”

IIMSAM launches an Extraordinaire Exo – Initiative TO sanitized one of Jordan’s most dramatic antiquities and touristic regions. In the Umm Qais antiquities archaeological site during the present COVID-19 worldwide case.

  IIMSAM launches an Extraordinaire Exo– Initiative to sanitized one of Jordan’s most dramatic antiquities and touristic regions. In the Umm Qais antiquities archaeological site in the remote northern  part of Jordan. As a part of the IIMSAM- Gadara Initiative and in line with the efforts to combat Covid-19 Pandemic World Crisis. 

IIMSAM’S Goodwill Ambassador in Jordan H.E. Mr. Farej Omari led a team of volunteers to sanitized all of the archaeological and  tourist facilities in the Umm Qais antiquities Archaeological Zone in the afar Northern part of Jordan. The initiative launched in a synergy of unprecedented cooperation and coordination with Jordanian authorities. From the Erbid Governorate, and Security Departments.


Gadara (Modern Um Qeis or Qays) The ancient classical period city of Gadara, and a member city of the Decapolis (Greek Ten Cities), is one of Jordan’s most dramatic antiquities sites-both for the many substantial ruins of black basalt and white limestone, and for the city’s impressive setting overlooking the north Jordan Valley, the Sea of Galilee. The extensive site has scores of standing and still buried monuments covering an area of several hectares. 

Jordan has submitted its petition to UNESCO’S World Heritage  Committee/World Heritage Centre concerning the declaration/or proclamation of the legal status of Umm Qais antiquities archaeological site as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Championing the IIMSAM response to   COVID-19 world crisis and IIMSAM’S Humanitarian-Advocacy-Advisers-Dynamic Duo went into action (Pict-Rt.) Mr. Wael Fayed. (Pict-Left) Mr. Mohamed Saad supports IIMSAM’S Response to the COVID-19 world crisis delivering imperative food items (sugar, oil, tomato paste, rice, Teabags, Macaroni, butter, and beans, as well as the lifesaving masks. (Among other items.) To dozens of needy poverty-stricken families in Cairo’s Giza Governorate/Dukki District. The District is struggling with extreme poverty and its inhabitants – most of the families are living below the poverty line. 

Comments by the Secretary-General of IIMSAM:

<< Secretary-General Remigio Maradona extends his support & gratitude to IIMSAM’S Exo-Humanitarian Advocacy Advisers and Dynamic Duo Mr. Fayed and Mr. Saad. Whose humbled humanitarianism amidst the Covid-19 world crisis has been commendable. I am proud of them and their concrete deeds delivering vital services to those in need and, in doing so, elevating the IIMSAM organisation commitment to assist in times of crisis. As the Secretary-General of IIMSAM, I commend you as “I’am entirely behind you and your humanitarian endeavors.” IIMSAM’S Response to Covid-19 with your latest efforts and with the other Ambassadors who have responded in a noble humanitarian task to the COVID-19 Pandemic. >>

IIMSAM’s prolific-ambassadors goodwill with concrete deeds via the exo-humanitarian activities program

vital work amid COVID-19 pandemic – SPRING – (2020)

Secretary-General Remigio Maradona extends his support & gratitude to IIMSAM’S Ambassadors, whose humanitarianism amidst the Covid-19 crisis has been commendable. I am proud of them and their concrete deeds delivering vital services to those in need and, in doing so, elevating the IIMSAM organisation commitment to assist in times of crisis. As the Secretary-General of IIMSAM, I commend you as “I’am entirely behind you and your humanitarian endeavors”, which in my estimation 7000 plus needy people have received your imperative lifesaving assistance through your great and vital work.”

Below selected pictures of the exo-humanitarian activities performed by IIMSAM’s ambassadors with concrete deeds amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


IIMSAM’S – GWA – H.E.  Mrs. Raheela Khan (AKA) “Mother Teresa of the Kashmir.”

ON GOING Weekly: Distribution of vital food-items such as flour, rice, cooking, oil lentils, sugar, milk powder for the kids, and other equally important items distributed to 200 plus families and around 1200 individuals more than half were children from the underprivileged and poverty stricken Burma Town in Islamabad-Pakistan. (10-APRIL-2020)


PERIODICALLY:     “Due to the lockdown to COVID19 crisis. “The impoverished remote sectors in Goa have been affected the most.”  “I proudly contributed towards this cause on behalf of IIMSAM as a Goodwill Ambassador in GOA.” Donated vegetables, fruits , rice , flour , sugar, salt and all the other basic necessities for household kitchen(s) to feed their families”. “These underprivileged sectors are mostly construction site labourers , housemaids , cleaners, among others including the unemployed and people with special needs.” (GOA-INDIA 8 April 2020) Distribution to 400 families.


PERIODICALLY:  IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador-Special-Adviser Mr. Farej Omari. “Despite the ongoing lockdown due to the COVID19 crisis.” “The local Police Authorities in Jordanian Governorates have been accommodating during the distribution of the 1000k Kilograms of Special-Non Allergic Flour.” “We continue our efforts in all the Governorates of Jordan under the IIMSAM Umbrella/Gadara Initiative.”. “I want to thank all our supporters who provided the footprints to actualized this imperative humanitarian activity. “During these difficult times of COVID19. to dozens of families. (5/6 April 2020).     


PERIODICALLY:  IIMSAM’S “Pro Bono,” Hon. Ambassador-At-Large H.E. Rami El-Attar in a noble initiative to support the efforts in the battle against COVID19. He has provided an In-Kind Donation of 2000+ masks, including the famous N95 – 700 boxes of Gloves – 1000 sanitizers, to individuals from various sectors of civil society and entities in Dubai. (March 21/22)

The IIMSAM Ambassador (Nigeria) H.E. Mr. Samson O. Bolarin.

In his first Goodwill Exo-Humanitarian Activity, Amb. Bolarin has donated 2000 Mask, shipped to Nigeria were it will be distributed to the needy. The Ambassador is currently residing in UAE and commutes periodically to Nigeria. Due to COVID 19 travel restrictions, the Ambassador was unable to take the shipment himself for personal-distribution. Ambassador Samson said: “ I am proud to contribute in the fight against COVID19. “everyone has to contribute so we can all kill this terrible coronavirus.”  (March 22 2020)  

THE IIMSAM Global Goodwill Ambassador CELEBRITY K2

In a noble initiative to support Tunisia State’s efforts to prevent COVID-19 Pandemic.The IIMSAM Global Goodwill Ambassador, Businessman,Celebrity Rapper. K2 has donated Masks, 2000 bags of food for needy families. etc. K2 has also provided masks and other items to the children and medical staff at the Al-Azizia Othmana Hospital Cancer-Living Facility in Tunis. The Global Goodwill Ambassador K2, is currently residing in UAE. (17/18 March 2020)